Mission & Vision

To identify, develop and disseminate techniques by which engineering students and practising engineers can be motivated to imbibe human values and appreciate their impact on technology development, professional ethics and human welfare.


NRCVEE - Background.

National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering was established at IIT Delhi in 2001 with active involvement of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The centre was created with an objective of functioning as a National Resource Centre for imparting Value-based education in engineering institutes. The role of the centre was envisaged as creation of an awareness in the technical community that skills and human values are essentially complementary.


Specific Activities

Specific activities envisaged for NRCVEE include :

  • Preparing innovative resource material for value education in engineering, such as monographs, books, video films, practical training modules etc
  • To undertake research in the area of "Interaction of Science, Technology and Human Values" and to promote an understanding of its implications.
  • To promote the appreciation of Professional Ethics among students and practising engineers through case studies
  • Organising workshops to train teachers of various technical institutions in this field
  • Liaison with various organisations engaged in similar activities
  • Organising Symposia, Seminars, Short Term Courses on relevant topics to promote awareness on such issues among engineering professionals
  • To help the academic community at IIT Delhi and other such institutions to develop appropriate academic programs for sensitising students towards value education and professional ethics.

Annexure1 : List of Joint and Associated Faculty members