Invited Lectures @ NRCVEE

“Society is joint action and cooperation in which each participant sees the other partner's success as a means for the attainment of his own.”
~ Ludwig von Mises


Invited Lectures

Lectures by several scholars were organized as part of the centre's activities. Noteworthy among these are the following:

  • “Technology and Human Values” by Sh. Dharampal, eminent Gandhian.
  • “Understanding Islam : From Ramzan to Jehad” by Prof. Syed Ausaf Ali.
  • “Social Responsibility of Engineers” by Sh. K. K. Chopra of Ramakrishna Mission.
  • “Holistic Living at Navdarshanam” by Mr. T. S. Ananthu.
  • “Inner Engineering for Effortless Living” by Sh. Jaggi Vasudev.
  • “Holistic Education” by Sh. Pawan Gupta.
  • “Ethics in Science and Technology” by Prof. K. L. Chopra.
  • “Thermodynamics and Ethics” by Prof. P. L. Dhar.
  • “Values for Sustainable Development” by Prof. P. L. Dhar.
  • “Understanding Values” by Dr. Amulya Khurana.
  • “Understanding & Evaluating Excellence in Higher Technical Institutions” by Prof D P Maini.
  • “Self Management” by Sh. Rajan Kumar.
  • “Buddha - the Unparalleled Teacher” by Prof. P.L. Dhar.

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