Courses @ NRCVEE

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” ~ Anatole France


Courses & NRCVEE

Academic courses of NRCVEE include :

  • VEL 700 - Human Values and Technology
  • VEL 710 - Traditional Knowledge Systems and Values
  • VED 750 - Minor Project

Besides these, the following courses have been floated by the faculty of the centre in collaboration with other departments / centres, even before the centre came to existence:

  • HUL 288 - Science and Humanism : Towards a Unified Worldview (With HuSS)
  • RDL 340 - Technology and Community Development (With CRDT)

While the lecture courses are generally offered once a year, the Minor Project is offered every semester in the recent years. A large number of students and faculty from across the institute come together to work on these projects pertaining to inter-disciplinary problems in the areas of science, technology and human values. Annexure 2 lists some of the projects carried out under VED750, to give a flavour of the areas in which work is done. All these courses are offered as PG courses, in order to enable both PG and senior UG students to be able to take these courses as part of their open category electives. Two more courses have been proposed, and these courses are in the process for approval by the BPGS and senate.


Enhancing the Clientele to VE courses

As discussed above, since all courses of NRCVEE so far have been floated with PG course numbers and are available only as open category electives, the class strength in these courses is rather low. In order to enhance the number of students gaining exposure to the VE courses, the following measures are being considered by the centre:
1. Floating a bouquet of courses specifically targeted at undergraduate students, with a reasonable variety that reflects the spirit of the Value Education Package recommended by the curruculum workshop (section 4.2.1): It would include a foundation course, a couple of elective courses, and a set of summer / winter courses specifically intended at retreats for experiential learning.
2. Work with the Board of UG Studies to add this bouquet to the Humanities and Management credit set, which presently has a shortage of courses resulting in overcrowding in some classes: this would improve the visibility of VE courses to UG students, and permit a larger number of students to get exposure to these courses


Other Courses : VEL700