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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 2 or 8. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”
~ Moshe Arens


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Value Enhancing Initiative with Alumni Group

A number of programmes specifically designed for the different stakeholders of the campus community would be designed in collaboration with the Alumni group. Discussions towards this end are in progress between the faculty of NRCVEE and the Alumni Group for several months, and in a recent meeting with the Director, the Centre was given a green signal to place well-designed programmes before the administration for approval.

A core group of alumni, faculty and other stakeholders is in the process of being constituted to carry out planning and design of such programmes on behalf of the faculty board. These, after due approval by the board, would be placed before the administration.

It is our fond hope that NRCVEE would be able to organize programmes, tapping resources from professional organizations, and with the help of the contacts and experience of the alumni, at a reasonably good frequency, for various target audiences across the campus.

This would help in creating an ethos of value enhancing initiatives at all levels in the campus community, with a reasonable follow-up mechanism.


Involvement of Resource Persons and Organizations

It is proposed to enhance the existing list of resource persons and organizations for collaboration in activities such as organizing programmes as mentioned above, for help in developing new courses and course material, for serving in the selection committees for faculty for NRCVEE, and for serving as expert members of SRCs of various research scholars when the Ph.D. programme is approved. It is hoped that within the available avenues with the institute, these collaborations could be formalized. The support of the administration in such matters is critical to the success of such ventures.


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