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Text Books

The specific activities at NRCVEE envisaged Preparing Innovative Resource Material for Value Education in Engineering, such as Monographs, Books, Video, Training Modules etc.


Books, Book Chapters and Research Reports:

  • Manish Chauhan and S.K. Saha, (2010) “Robotic Competition Based Education in Engineering (RoCK-BEE)”, also available on http://pothi.com/pothi/book/manish-chauhan-rock-bee
  • P.L. Dhar, (2007) Value Inculcation though Self-Observation, Vipassana Research Institute, Igatpuri.
  • P.L.Dhar (2006) Rethinking Development- from Mirage to reality, a chapter in the book: Science, Religion and Development – advancing the discourse Institute for studies in Global Prosperity. Editors A Kundu and M Tai, p 71-88
  • V.M. Chariar (2006) Rejuvenating Traditional Knowledge Systems of India, in “Science, Religion and Development – Advising the Discourse” Ed. Amitash Kumar & Mariam Tai, Institute for studies in Global Prospency.
  • Proceedings of National Conference on Traditional Knowledge Systems of India (2004), Eds. V. M. Chariar, V N Gin and P Pamaiu, IIT Kharagpur.
  • Dr Amulya Khurana and P.L.Dhar (2000) Effect of Vipassana Meditation on Quality of Life, Subjective well being, and criminal propenity among the Inmates of Tihar Jail, research report, VRI, Igatpuri
  • Kishore Chandiramani, S. K. Verma and P. L. Dhar - (1998) Psychological Effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail Inmates - research report, VRI, Igatpuri.
  • P.L. Dhar and R.R. Gaur, (1992) Science and Humanism – Towards a Unified Worldview, Commonwealth Publishers, Delhi.

Other Publications : Journals