NRCVEE - National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

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The NRCVEE approach towards imparting value-based education is based on first person experience and understanding. It aims to bring about a change in individuals by bringing about a change in the individuals thinking process. Just as the scientists like to carry out rigorous experimentations before accepting a proposed theory to explain observable phenomenon in nature, NRCVEE aims to bring about changes that are grounded in rigorous experimentation, analysis and contemplation. We offer many programs and courses to meet this objective. We invite you to come with the open and unprejudiced mind of a scientist, experience our programs and courses, carry out experimentations in your own lab (i.e. your own mind-body-complex) and draw your own conclusions. You may discover something so new and so interesting that you may wonder why you did not explore this earlier!

Focus Areas of NRCVEE have been identified to facilitate this exhilarating journey into your own inner space!

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