NRCVEE - National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

NRCVEE Courses on YouTube

Over the years, NRCVEE has offered many courses. Some of the courses have been recorded and made available on YouTube for IITD students, staff, and faculty members as well as general public. These courses include:

Click on the following link for the NRCVEE YouTube channel

These courses are introductory, one credit special module courses and aim to introduce students to the realm of their inner being. These courses are offered with a mandate to cultivate and nurture inner sense of being and thus foster inner development among undergraduate (UG) and post graduate (PG) students. The UG students are offered these courses at initial stages of their UG studies at IIT Delhi to enable them to acquaint themselves with inner beings, recognize their strengths and value and potential of being a human and thus proceed ahead with such profound knowledge and self-awareness in different realms of their lives. For UG students, the minimum credit requirements for these courses have been relaxed to 50 credits so that the students in their second year can take these courses. The PG students can take these courses at any stage of their studies at IIT Delhi.

NRCVEE YouTube channel highlights

The NRCVEE YouTube channel highlights as of on 4th May, 2022 are as follows – 

  • The channel has more than 20,000 subscribers.
  • The channel has received nearly 2 million views. 
  • The watch time is near about 500 K hours of views. 
  • The highest proportion of views are from India (70 percent), followed by the United States of America (USA) (11 percent). 
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